Decentralising the future.

We are BUDEX, a technology business incubator and investment group. We focus on proprietary solutions that help to create a decentralized world independent of globalized resources.

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Guiding the Future:
Our Tech Sector Focus

At BUDEX, our investment strategy is driven by four transformative technology sectors shaping tomorrow.

Automation and Robotics

Backing ventures at the forefront of automation and robotics, charting a transformative path where the technology redefines the way how we live and work.

Precision Farming

AI-powered machines are ushering the future of agriculture and pioneering a new era of food production. Focusing on innovative projects that help to minimize pesticide use, reduce the reliance on fossil fuels, reduce the labour dependence and enhances overall productivity.

Energy Industry

Focusing on the entire renewable lifecycle including production, trading and balancing electric energy. Helping projects in the area of the photovoltaic systems, battery storage systems, crypto mining solutions and energy infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Software services

Bringing together creative minds that build and design beautiful software. Supporting innovative services that help merchants to grow their business on challenging markets as well as end-users to consume low-cost added value services.

Redefining Workspaces Through Sustainable Innovation

At the intersection of cutting-edge construction, self-sufficiency, and autonomous farming, X hub is a living testament to our commitment to endorse energy independence, local organic food production and respect for nature.  

Green Giant

The highest wooden structure in Czechia, standing tall in sustainable design.

Off-grid energy

Harnessing renewable energy for full operational autonomy

Intelligent Workspace

AI systems proactively optimizing the workplace environment

Electromobility Future

Infrastructure readiness for the upcoming electric vehicle revolution

Autonomous Agriculture

Advancing robotic farming systems for sustainable food production.

Harmonious Design

A blend of modern simplicity and functionality, featuring warm natural tones, spruce wood structures, and purposeful spaces for work, relaxation, and community engagement.